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The truth is everyone I meet with for a free session leaves with an enhanced sense of optimism and with greater clarify. It is always time well spent.

YOUR GOALS: Where you are now? And where do you want to go? I’ll show you what you need to get there.

FOUNDATION: Learn the habits and strategies that will move you forward.

REALITY CHECK: I’ll provide you with unbiased and straightforward feedback based about your situation and the challenges you are facing and the options and actions that are there for you.

FRESH PERSPECTIVE: Leave the call feeling positive and motivated with increased clarity about your situation and with steps to implement.

OBLIGATION FREE: I offer these free sessions because the only way to learn about coaching and to choose the right coach for you is to experience a coaching session. It also gives me a chance to learn how I can help.

“I consulted with Allison briefly to discuss my current role and some questions I was having regarding future direction and strategy. I was impressed with how quickly she was able to ask the right questions and get to the heart of the matter, and her insights were clear, practical and most valuable.”

“Just wanted to touch base and say that I really appreciated the meeting with you today. I feel that I have a better sense of my options, and I’m feeling more optimistic.”


Hi, I’m Allison Wolf and over the past 15+ years I’ve personally helped hundreds of lawyers develop thriving legal practices and improve the satisfaction they feel in both their professional and personal lives.

My specialty is uncovering the thinking traps and gaps holding clients back and helping them acquire the mindset, skills, strategies, habits and most importantly to take action to develop successful and rewarding legal practices.

Some examples from my practice include:

  • Working with lawyers to manage the challenges of pre-partnership years and attaining partnership.
  • Helping lawyers develop their rainmaking skills to expand their practices and bring in more interesting and fulfilling work.
  • Coaching lawyers to get back in control when they find themselves struggling with challenges such as time management, organization and procrastination.
  • Coaching lawyers on leadership skills, leading their teams and scaling their business.
  • Helping senior lawyers with succession planning.

I received the Certified Executive Coach qualification from Royal Roads University in 2004 and followed this up with Life Coach training with Martha Beck. I hold a Professional Certified Coach accreditation from the International Coach Federation. I’m a member of the American Bar Association, and a frequent writer and presenter for legal organizations, media, and law firms. I was co-chair of the inaugural “Women Thriving in Law” Conference held in Vancouver, Canada, in May 2019.

Schedule a Free Coaching Session


This Coaching Program Includes…

Personalized Guidance

Your coach will get to know you and the challenges you face through regular monthly meetings and emergency access.

Thriving Practice Plan

You will receive a custom plan that captures your priorities, tracks your objectives, provides strategies for success and lists the actions you need to take.

Superior Resources

You will also enjoy access to exclusive client resources on practice management and Thriving Practice mindset topics and to a private client portal with accountability metrics and more expert resources.


Want to reduce procrastination and up productivity?

Feel on top of your work instead of buried underneath it?

Have a career that is enjoyable and rewarding?

Grow your practice with more of your ideal clients and preferred type of work?

The Thriving Practice Coaching Program for lawyers is designed to get you there with focused one-to-one coaching, accountability tools, metrics for tracking performance, and more. A coach can help you with…

  • Practice Management: Establish new practice habits to get more efficient and productive
  • Business Development: Stop wasting time on marketing tactics that don’t work and get focused on initiatives that deliver results
  • Mindset: Increase your confidence and reduce the self-doubt and fear that holds you back
  • Strategy: Identify the roadblocks that are keeping you stuck and take action to overcome them and achieve your goals
  • Accountability: Receive the one-to-one support, encouragement and accountability you need to keep advancing
  • Success: With a keen focus on your goals and a coach to support your success comes faster and with less effort.

As one client recently commented: “I appreciate the way the coach can pick up on what’s bothering me and allow me to let it out. In law, we’re so restricted in terms of confidentiality, so it really helps to be able to talk to someone.”


  • John is a partner at an international law firm. He is a great mentor, an expert in his field, and is liked by his colleagues. The challenge he faced is that when under pressure, he would freeze.
  • Working with a coach, John connected with his sense of purpose and deeper motivations. With the accountability tools set up, she was able to observe when he was getting stuck and intervene. With her support John successfully tackled his procrastination, uncovered the fears that were holding him back, and implemented new habits for working more effectively.
  • Jane, in-house counsel at a national company, engaged a coach for leadership coaching. Jane faced challenges on multiple fronts. First, she was the only lawyer in the company. The list of her responsibilities was more than any one lawyer could handle. In one year alone, she worked hundreds more overtime hours than her colleagues.
  • With coaching support, Jane successfully pitched for the hire of a junior lawyer to support her work, negotiated a salary increase and secured the opportunity to work part-time for one year to take care of an essential personal commitment.
  • Meghan is a partner in an IP firm. She contacted a coach when she was ready to give up. She was single-handedly investing vast amounts of time on improving risk management systems and processes at the firm, but this work was not acknowledged nor rewarded although it was of the utmost importance.
  • With her coach, Meghan set up a plan to explore her options. Stay with the firm or join another local firm? In the end, Meghan was successful in raising awareness at her firm for the importance of on-going investments in risk management and knowledge management. The firm implemented modifications to the compensation structure to greater recognize non-billable investments. Meghan stayed with them.
  • Suzanne was an associate in a regional law firm. She worked with a coach on a business development strategy to build her book of business in order to be admitted as an equity partner at her firm.
  • In one year Suzanne converted a languishing file she inherited from another lawyer into a new opportunity and successfully landed a massive client, won a prestigious award, and was invited into the partnership.
  • Susan was an associate in a busy regional law firm. She was in a commoditized area of practice and working long hours, with a high degree of pressure, no mentorship, and with a low salary. Susan felt stuck in the situation and wondered if she needed to leave law.
  • Working with a coach, she learned more about the market for her services. Susan was able to identify her strengths and improve her confidence. Within two months she landed a new job with a better salary and benefits, a warm and friendly work environment, with excellent mentorship from the senior lawyer at her new firm


“I am approaching practice development in a completely different way than I ever have before.”

“As a result of the coaching I’ve noticed I’m better able to work with and delegate to staff.”

“Coaching has ensured that I prioritize my time to focus on tasks that support my career goals.”

“The result has been a remarkable increase in my efficiency and productivity. This in turn has given me the confidence that I am in control of my career, a perspective I did not have prior to working with Allison.”

“Allison has provided invaluable counsel to me for many years, and I now have more control and satisfaction in my legal career than I thought possible. She has the experience to know “how it is” in law, but she also has a vision for how much better it could be, and the training to help clients discover and chart their own paths.”

“I am currently working on becoming self-sufficient in my business development. My approach is noticeably different. Having someone who knows more about marketing, targeting people, and how to approach people has been helpful. I’m learning how to do this from my “authentic self.”

“I started (and most importantly, stuck with!) a personalized professional development plan that works for me. Making a plan, and continuing to put that plan into place. Without question, coaching helped shape the direction of my practice, and shifted my approach to client development.”

“After our coaching sessions, I have become more efficient in completing tasks and adjusting my focus. My method of approaching tasks has also improved, which helps me plan out each assignment, day, and week effectively.”

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