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Below are some of our most recent, customizable presentations and workshops.

Our coaches are experienced professionals who have been in your shoes.

Our training programs are facilitated with a combined approach of education and coaching.

We speak on a wide variety of topics related to flourishing in legal practice.

We tailor our training programs to meet your needs so contact us today to learn more about our presentations and workshops.

Coaching Skills for Lawyers, Mentors, and Leaders in Law

Learn the core skills, principles, and processes used by professional coaches worldwide, while applying them to the challenges and opportunities experienced in the ‘real world’ of legal practice.

Managing Time: Increased Efficiency and Productivity

Identify and strategize around distractions and thinking traps, plus improve prioritization and planning skills.

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Practice Management Tune Up

Effectively delegate, docket time and meet billing expectations without self-editing, plus organize your digital and physical space.

Procrastination Breakthrough

Recognize procrastination, develop strategies for tackling it, and commit to a plan of action that gets results.

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Stress, Resilience, and Wellbeing

Learn the stress advantage, how to perform your own mental health check, build resilience, identify unhelpful thinking styles, and develop wellbeing plans.

Shifting from Difficult to Productive Conversations

Prepare for tough conversations and learn to manage heightened emotions and get your point across without invoking defensiveness.

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Effective Networking Skills

Create meaningful connections and community to build lasting and meaningful relationships for further career success.

Client Service Versus Servitude TM

Manage expectations and boundaries, plus learn how to identify the shift from servitude to service and how to balance the scale back to service.

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Career Navigation

Navigate legal practice by examining the phases of the change cycle and strategies to manage it, mindsets of employee versus professional, and the role pyramid.

Growing Legal Practices

Discover key principles and concepts of why and how business development can transition through the different stages of a legal career to grow a practice.

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The Indispensable Assistant

Develop high-level practical skills as an assistant to become proactive and an essential valued member of the team.

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