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Do you want to learn how to strengthen your practice foundation without feeling overwhelmed or burnt out?

  • Are you struggling to keep up, jumping from one urgent matter to the next?
  • Are you working evenings and weekends but still feeling like nothing is getting done?
  • Are you unable to take as many breaks and days off as you would like due to work?

Lawyer coaches, Allison Wolf, PCC, and Janiene Chand, LLB, CPC, who have a combined 30 plus years of experience in the legal field, have developed this coaching program for lawyers, like you!

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As a coach and ally, we provide a space for appreciative inquiry, a get better mindset, clear goal setting, accountability, self-compassion and celebration.

We share tools, processes, systems and habits to help you become resourceful and align your actions with your intentions.

As a lawyer turned coach, Janiene knows the challenges of legal practice …

  • She knows what it feels like to work endless hours.
  • She knows what it feels like to be buried in emails.
  • She knows what it feels like to be faced with distractions.

Coach Janiene also knows how great it feels to …

  • Use your time efficiently and have productive days.
  • Maintain good work-life balance.
  • Stay motivated and purpose-driven in your career.

Janiene’s coaching practice is dedicated to putting her experiences and strengths in service of her client’s goals and growth. In this program, she can help you:

  • Confidently Clarify Your Priorities
  • Learn Habits & Hacks to Get in Control
  • Overcome Distractions & Procrastination
  • Prevent Dropping the Ball & Miscommunication
  • Discover Effective Strategies to Manage Your Time

Coach Janiene brings a unique perspective from her legal career:

  • Professional experience as a legal assistant, paralegal and lawyer
  • Insight into the different roles, perspectives and team dynamics within law firms
  • Excels at practice management and time management and is always learning and expanding her knowledge and resources to share with clients

If you are ready to regain control and get back in the driver’s seat of your practice, let’s get started with:

  • Uncovering your best strategies in our initial one-to-one 75-minute deep dive coaching session
  • Staying on track and refining your approach with 6 one-to-one 30-minute laser coaching sessions
  • Ongoing help with unlimited email support between sessions
  • Getting your priorities and focus together with a personalized Custom Plan we create for you
  • Access to valuable guides, templates, tip sheets and more in the private Client Portal

Investment: $1795 plus taxes invoiced in three installments, or only $1595 plus taxes if you choose to make one payment.

100% money back guarantee *

*within the initial thirty days of coaching only

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Clients appreciate Coach Janiene’s practical approach:

I had attempted numerous methods in the past to improve the teamwork and productivity of our legal professionals and support staff, with very little success.

However, when you explained the time management strategies during your presentation and described how you always tailor the training programs for each individual, it made perfect sense and was vastly different from anything I had heard in the past.

– Renata D., Law Firm COO

She gave me tips and tools that I could incorporate into my family law practice right away. Her suggestions are extremely useful and practical. Her legal background allowed her to draw on her own experience to help guide me through my professional challenges.

What I love about coaching is the accountability element. Janiene regularly follows up with me on our action items and holds me accountable in a positive and motivating way.

– Brianne B.

She was instrumental in helping me navigate the growing pains that come with practice management, client management, personal development and career development. Her practical experience as a lawyer and legal assistant gives her an excellent, practice-motivated lens through which she views her clients’ situation.

– Kyle W.

The transition between articles and first year associate can be a daunting time. It is a time of change, learning and stress. Janiene listened to all of my complaints and helped me create strategies and solutions to deal with the various issues that arose.

– Taylor S.

Get started now!

Book your complimentary 30-minute discovery call to get your questions answered and discover if this is right for you.

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